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My followers have probably forgotten about me by nowūüėāIt’s been four months since I’ve been able to write on here… and a not lot has happened since. But let’s start with the most drastic change.

Yo antisocial homeschooling country girl is not longer homeschooling… That’s right.. I’m going to public school now. And honestly, the switch was the best decision I had made in a while. When I was homeschooled, my mom and I would fight nonstop, I didn’t really learn anything, and i was overall depressed because I had no friends and nothing to do with my life. So I decided to go to public school, and I’m so glad I did because lately I’ve been more social, more productive, and more happy. Ive made tons of new friends and have found lots of things I enjoy doing. I’m taking Spanish and chorus (the best electives they had to offer).Do I regret homeschooling? No, but I don’t regret going back to public school either.

Annnnd.. that’s about itūüėā I look older and uhhh.. oh , I’m turning 14 in 24 days! Yuhhhūüėā Also! Follow my Instagram if you wanna, its @whatfaithloves. ¬†Comment down below your @ and if you follow me, and I’ll follow you back!!

thx for reading ily.

Xoxo, Faith



…. long time no see. i’m about to say the same thing i say every single update.. i’ve been super busy. its sad but  i have to say i almost forgot about this blog. i don’t think i will stop posting here any time soon, tho, so don’t worry!

ok here’s the update:

i’ve had more typical 7th grade friend troubles, im breaking out really bad on my forehead, i’m a semester behind in math and it’s summer. 

i feel like i’m constantly going somewhere going to the grocery store or babysitting or catching up with friends, and don’t get me wrong! i love it. but sometimes it gets exhausting. please don’t blame me for this, but in the past few weeks i would’ve chosen to sleep or scroll through instagram instead of blog. i’m that tired. 

speaking of instagram, i feel like i’ve been on it too much and i really needed to cleanse myself from it. i was literally always on it. whether my screen was locked or i was scrolling through the explorer page, it was still open. and i just got sick of it. so this morning i decided i wanted to delete it for a week and find better things to do. so far it’s been great! i’m not always seeing thes perfect bodies that i will never have not because i’m lazy but because my body is simply a different body type. i gotta say, social media is good when it brings people together, but it can also be toxic. i used to tear myself apart for not having the perfect beach body or defined eyes and eyebrows. but lately i’ve been getting a lot better with being content with who i am. and i think this quick “cleanse” will help. 

thanks for reading! ily. i think i will have more time to blog soon, so comment what you want me to rant about! lol, ly guys. ttyl

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Don’t Forget To Be Yourself

I know it’s clich√© and a little cheesy, but it’s great advice once you think¬†about¬†it.

God made you unique.

At some point, we all feel the need to fit in, look, and act like everyone else, right?

God made us in His own image.

If God made us set apart, unique, and perfectly imperfect, why in the world would we want to be like everyone else?

Is it because we are afraid to get picked on? Maybe, yes.

We are taught that being different is weird. We are taught that standing out in a crown of clones makes you a freak. we are taught that completely natural imperfections need to be hidden, that we need to look a certain way, and that we need to appear like we have everything figured out.

Well, guess what. We will never be perfect, and we should never try to be or try to look perfect. you are set apart. you are unique.

Never forget that



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kids these days…

hey all,
lately i’ve been thinking… why are teenagers glued to their phones these days? why do¬†these girls¬†have boyfriends so young and why do they feel the need to wear a full face of makeup every day? eventually I realized something: maybe¬†we do these things¬†because of a pain deeper inside.¬†I’ve heard and seen many (not all) adults looking down on teens like me, and be too quick to judge us. so what? maybe I like spending an extra twenty minutes in my makeup because I am spending time on myself? maybe my face is buried in my phone because the only people I can talk to that truly understand me are the ones i’ve only ever¬†met on Instagram? maybe?

or… not maybe. this is my life. I feel alone. I find that¬†every time I’m stressed out, I reach for my makeup bag. I constantly¬†find myself scrolling through Instagram every day for hours because I feel like nobody, not even me, gets me. but when I go to¬†Instagram and talk to my online¬†friends in Ireland and Montana, I feel understood and not as alone.¬†but some people these days don’t get that. some people refuse to look deeper, and instead they judge.¬†many kids I know¬†are¬†depressed, alone, and¬† unfairly judged. I’m sure that in a hundred years, people will yearn for the days of cropped tops and skinny jeans to come back.

i think everyone needs to stop focusing on how “awful” this generation is, and start accepting change. that’s just my opinion

thank you for reading my rant




Hey all
lately I’ve been taking a break from wfl, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve just been suuuper busy with school, which usually takes me all day. and if you know my mom, you know that getting my schoolwork done and caught up is her top priority. It’s very stressful, but i know it comes from a place of love and that it’s also stressful for her. I don’t know if she understands exactly what its like being a teenager in 2017, either. I, along with almost every teenager in this world, am¬†going through the whole my-social-life-is-more-important-than-homework thing, which makes makes¬†everything really hard.

also, in my recent posts, I know they kind of seem half cheeked (and I’m super sorry for that), and like I have not been my happy, cheerful self. I’m just going through a lot right now. I will hopefully get back into the swing-o-things soon. but first, may I just say that if you have a problem with me, my blog, or what I post, please just unsubscribe. this blog is just about my beliefs, and I always back them up with the bible (with FULL context).

I love you very much. stay lovely!
xoxo- Faith

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Im seeing a lot of posts bashing people with special needs. 
After people use hateful words against disabled people, they tell them to stop being a wuss. 

It’s one thing when crybabies get their feeling hurt, but it’s a whole different story when people disrespect and bully those with disabilities. 

If you purposefully insult special needs people, they have every right to be offended. 

I need to see more people with RESPECT towards special needs people.



Hey all!
long time no see! I’ve been super busy and I have not been able to write anything for a while. any ideas/suggestions in the comments section would be greatly appreciated!

I am¬†also sorry for any typos. a bunch of the keys on my keyboard aren’t working and I have to go back and smash on¬†the A, E, I, and¬†L¬†five times.

I gtg. bye!